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Studio66TV Webcams

So tonight the 1st August will see the launch of Studio66TV’s first ever live webcam show. It will feature the one and only Sophia Knight. To celebrate the launch of the webcam service the first 30 minutes of Sophia’s session will be FREE.

The webcam will be available on the Studio66TV homepage. www.studio66tv.com. If you can not immediately see it, click on Sophia Knights picture on the homepage.

If you want to get involved and chat with Sophia then you can do so through voipay. You can phone in through your voipay account from anywhere in the world or from the premium rate numbers. You can also enter your card details which will allow you to use the service. 

Once in, you have all the benefits of many webcam shows. For those in the know our service is much like myfreecams. You can chat to sophia, ask her question, ask her to do stuff and tip her. 

We shall be running nightly webcam shows from here on out. Make sure you check us out at www.studio66tv.com.


We have re-branded to Studio66tv! Please follow us for the latest updates, advertisements vids, pics and events! 

Bree Olson is coming to Elite TV on August 3rd! Sky Channels 912, 927, 938 and 941. Please get the word out and Re-blog this!!

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Scumbag Steve

Scumbag Steve

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